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IP services

Evaluation of your idea

We help you to identify how new is your invention compared to similar products out there in the market? What could be its possible industrial applications? Does protecting your idea benefit you economicaly? 


We provide professional opinion on whether, and in what ways, it could be protected. Our attorneys have wide experience in varaities of specialty areas to promote the success of your business

Preliminary search

Do you know what are the new line of inventions in your industry? Is your invention patentable?These are the questions we go over with you and answer by extensive search.  


If you are planning to register a  trademark, we will find out if there are any earlier trademarks on business names that could prevent your mark from registered, and evaluate whether your mark is distinctive on the whole.

Landscape analysis

A patent landscape analysis offers you a snapshot of the current patenting trends in your field. We will give you overview of what other companies in your line of business are patenting. 

Patent invalidity analysis

We can help you to invalidate your competitor’s patent. To do so, our expert will extensively search for any publicly available prior information before the date of patent filing.

Competitor monitoring and Freedom To Operate (FTO)

Do you know what your competitors’ IP portfolio includes? Are you sure you’re not infringing another’s rights? Our experts will regularly monitor your competitors to let you know what they are up to as well as predict any potential risks.

IP strategy

We help you to develop a strategy for researching, protecting and using the intellectual property of your company in a way that minimise the risk from rivals and provide a competitive edge to your business. 


We help you to develop a strategy for researching, protecting and using the intellectual property of your company in a way that minimise the risk from rivals and provide a competitive edge to your business. 


We help you to register, protect and  manage your trademark in order to maximise your business interest. 


We help register and validate  your copyright to the  IP office in a way that maximizes our claim in case of any infringement of the copyright. We also help you with enforcement of your copyright and during litigation in case of any  infringement.

Design rights

We help to protect your new design against copying and counterfeiting by registering it to the IP office if you considering it worthwhile to register. A design registration allows you to register the look of your product (a part of your product, or even just a small detail) that provides an exclusive right to your design for a limited time.Your product can be something functional, like a car, a mixer-grinder, or a pen, or something more decorative like a vase or a piece of jewelry or graphical symbols, logos, and computer icons.

Domain name registrations

A domain name (e.g. is a valuable resource in the modern-day digital world as it helps to create recognition for your company and brand so that customers can easily find you in the webspace. Hence it is very important to register the name of your company or product as a domain name. The domain name is usually registered for a limited time as per Indian jurisdiction and can be renewed.Our experts can help you protect and defend your rights to a domain name. 


We have a full-fledged team of experts who are specialized in providing the following services related to IPR enforcement in India.


Trademark investigations: It includes both on-site and off-site investigation in any part of India alongwith a detailed investigation report which would be helpful in protecting your brand and also determining the next-course of legal action in case of any infringement or counterfeit products in India.

Market Survey: We will perform market surveys of exactly/confusingly similar brand in any part of India with a detailed report on the same. It is an integral tool to determine competition and major business strategy to protect your brand against counterfeiting and infringement.


Criminal:  It includes conducting a raid against the infringers in any part of India upon receipt of the complaint for copying a trademark /copyright before the police. Due to involvement of police; the entire procedure could be time-taking and cumbersome. To reduce the complexity of the matter and time taken, we have a  team of expert who would represent the complainant, act on their behalf and accompany the police for the search seizure of the infringing goods.

Civil raid by commissioner: We also help to conduct raid with the help of civil commissioner.